we’re the center of the world

“Immersion education is another opportunity to help my kids become productive citizens not just of the USA, but also of a spiritual kingdom that looks at the world for what we can give, not just what we can get, for what we can share, not just what we can protect.”


FonoCultura: what parents and kids are saying

FonoCultura is an early Spanish reader series that uses author Olga Díaz’s personal stories to bring together authentic language and cultural elements for the benefit of student learning. Here’s what what mom had to say about what the series means to her son.


teacher feature: Silvia Núñez

“The pedagogy is now so very alive and new that, for example, the student, I now know, needs to hear a word used around 70 times [in context] in order to make it a part of their vocabulary. So, just imagine how much we need to do and the resources we need to have in order to make sure that students can learn new vocabulary.”