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Partnering with Zeeland Public Schools for High School

nobox ZWelcome to our brand new blog! This will be a space where we’ll keep you up-to-date on add.a.lingua happenings and provide additional information regarding specific partnerships. Feel free to explore and check us out on Facebook and Twitter–links are located in the tab above. If you have any questions, please send us a message or give us a ring!

About a month ago, we announced on our Facebook page that we have formed a partnership with the Zeeland Public School District. They will be implementing dual language Spanish immersion programs at both the primary and secondary levels. At the high school level, the program will consist of an integrated three-course blend of advanced Spanish and core content courses.

This week, we held an informational meeting regarding the program rollout for Spanish Immersion in High School. This program will consist of 2-3 Spanish Immersion courses, working together to increase students’ proficiency in L2. We could not be more thrilled and are so grateful to Zeeland Public for becoming part of our immersion community! Please contact John Holwerda at, if you need additional information regarding the high school immersion partnership with ZPS.


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