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add.a.lingua is Committed to Teacher Training

aaltraining blog headerLast week add.a.lingua welcomed more than 40 educators and program directors from 15 schools to our offices for a multi-day training for first year add.a.lingua partner teachers. As we noted recently on this blog, and as Emily Liebtag and Caitlin Haugen pointed out in EdWeek, increasing the pool of teachers with a high level of language proficiency and training in dual language immersion pedagogy is a significant need in the field of dual language immersion education. It’s also something of a passion for add.a.lingua.

As you’ll see from the highlights we’ve snagged in this storify summarywe’re committed to doing our part to ensure teachers at our partner schools are fully supported and have multiple opportunities throughout the year to participate in ongoing professional development. Click on the link or picture above to take an insider’s look at our teacher training.

If you’reinterested in learning more about what a partnership with add.a.lingua might look like, or if you’d like to talk with our instructional support team about about professional development opportunities for language immersion instructors–be in touch. We’re happy to help.

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