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gold standard dual language immersion education: putting it into practice

On October 21, add.a.lingua co-founder, Lilah Ambrosi, took webinar participants inside add.a.lingua partner school classrooms for a look at  some of the quality indicators that make up a gold standard dual language immersion program. In addition to our first podcast, and a post exploring the quadrants of quality via video, the webinar is another way we’re joining the discussion about global education and diversity in the classroom as part of Connected Educators Month.Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 9.51.57 AM

For those who were unable to join the webinar, we welcome you to view it below. As you watch, you’ll want to follow along with Lilah by viewing these video vignettes:

  1. program culture: raising the status of the minority language
  2. classroom culture: dialogic teaching
  3. immersion language (L2) development: corrective feedback
  4. immersion language (L2)  development: instructor and students remain in the target language
  5. balanced biliteracy and counter-balanced instruction: add.a.lingua grade level frameworks
  6. progress monitoring: aalpa

If you’re looking for an evaluative tool for your dual language immersion program, or would like to learn more about how add.a.lingua supports our partner schools, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Enjoy!

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