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a bite of China makes for a delicious documentary

(Click on the CC button in the video player to turn on Mandarin Chinese or English subtitles.)

很多人都说中国烹饪代表着世界上最丰富最多样的烹饪遗产之一。作为一个中国人,我认为这个评价一点不为过。 因为即便我是土生土长的中国人,我所品尝过的中国烹饪还不及三分之一。

Yan Chen serves as a dual language immersion educational specialist in Mandarin Chinese.

Yan Chen serves as a dual language immersion educational specialist in Mandarin Chinese.

中国人自古讲究节约粮食。在远古中国,人的生存依赖于稀缺的食物,节约自然十分必要。后来,节约粮食逐渐成为中国社会所公认并高度重视的一个美德。为了避免不必要的浪费,中国人不断的在植物和动物上探索新的食材, 并研究如何把这些食材变为珍馐佳肴。这样的不断探索使得中国烹饪的食材种类变得相当丰富。另外,由于中国地域广大,不同地域烹饪方法的区别使得已经十分多样的中国烹饪变得更加丰富。

对于很多西方人来说,食材来源的多样或许会让他们,感到惊奇和着迷,或许会使他们对中国美食乐此不疲。 但对于有些西方人来说,中国食材会让他们产生害怕甚至恶心的感觉。不管怎么说,中国烹饪并不单单关于食物,它同时讲述了在近5,000年历史中那些平凡人的故事,透过这些故事,我们能够更多了解中国人在人

我们在这里推荐一部关于中国烹饪的记录片。 我很喜欢这部纪录片,因为它把观众带入了一个个平凡Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.48.49 AM人家的厨房。在为观众展现了正宗的中国烹饪的同时,也讲述了在食物背后一个个平凡的中国人的故事。这部记录片特别值得观看,你一定不会后悔!

Many people say that Chinese food represents one of the richest and most diverse culinary heritages in the world. Having been born in China, I fully agree with this statement, as I myself haven’t tried even one-third of Chinese cuisine.

To Chinese people, frugality with food is very important. It was a matter crucial to survival in ancient times and was later considered to be a virtue highly valued by society. In order to avoid anything being wasted, Chinese people are continuously exploring different ways to turn any edible parts of plants and animals into delicious meals. This quest allows for an assorted array of potential food resources in Chinese cuisine. In addition, drastic differences in cooking styles exist among the different geographical regions in China, which make our already diverse cuisine even richer.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.55.17 AM

To many Westerners, the varied elements that have been adopted as food in Chinese cuisine can be both fascinating and delicious. To some, however, it might seem disgusting.  Above all, it’s important to keep in mind that Chinese cuisine isn’t just about the food; it is also a way to learn about ordinary life in China over the past 5,000 years. The variety of food sheds light upon the different ways in which human beings have interacted with nature and reveals differing perspectives about their role in relationship to nature.

To learn more about Chinese cuisine, I encourage you to watch this documentary. This is a fantastic film because it takes you right into the kitchens of ordinary Chinese households and presents not only authentic Chinese cuisine but also the stories of the regular people behind it. It will be well worth your time!

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