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a day in the life of a dual language immersion student

We talk and write a lot about why families chose dual language immersion education for their children (cognitive benefits, academic gains, greater cultural sensitivity) around here. We also find that by the time they reach out to us, many schools and families are familiar with the “why” of immersion education. It is the “what” and “how” questions that remain most perplexing. This shouldn’t surprise us too much, as dual language immersion education still represents a significant change to the way nearly everyone in the United States was (and is) educated.

So to help navigate some of the “what” and “how” questions that those exploring language immersion often have, join add.a.lingua as we step inside Zhang Lao Shi’s Mandarin Chinese Immersion class at Zeeland Christian School and experience a day in the life of a dual language immersion student.


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