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top researcher, Dr. Tara Fortune, to visit Mandarin Chinese immersion program at add.a.lingua partner school

On January 26, add.a.lingua will welcome Dr. Tara Fortune to west Michigan for a program observation at Zeeland Christian School as teachers there implement the add.a.lingua Mandarin Chinese instructional frameworks. Besides spending time in classrooms, Dr. Fortune will also share her expertise at a “lunch and learn” event. It is truly an honor to be joined by one of the nation’s top researchers in immersion education, and to discuss our ongoing work developing Mandarin Chinese academic frameworks.

Dr. Tara W. Fortune

Dr. Tara W. Fortune will visit add.a.lingua’s Mandarin Chinese immersion partner program on January 26.

Besides having authored several respected books, Dr. Fortune is the director of the Immersion Research and Professional Development Program at the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA). Her most recent endeavors include the exploration of Mandarin Chinese language and literacy development in immersion contexts. You can read more about Dr. Fortune on the CARLA website.

For those headed to the CARLA summer institutes, be sure to check out Dr. Fortune’s presentation, Character Literacy Development in Mandarin Immersion: How Can What We Know Impact What We Do?.

Want to explore starting a Mandarin Chinese immersion program or learn about our support for existing programs? Let’s talk.

*Due to schedule and space constraints, the lunch and learn event is by invitation only.


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