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respected immersion researchers join add.a.lingua academic advisory board

add.a.lingua is pleased to introduce the members of our newly established academic advisory board. Although add.a.lingua has relied on immersion research since its founding, over recent years, add.a.lingua began gravitating more toward studies conducted or synthesized by Dr. Diane Tedick and Dr. Tara Fortune. Learning from their collective and individual work guided the development of our grade level instructional frameworks, program model expectations and professional learning scope and sequence. Working directly with Dr. Mandy Menke, co-author with Dr. Fortune of Struggling Learners and Language Immersion Education: Research-Based, Practitioner-Informed Responses to Educators’ Top Questions, during her stint in West Michigan at Grand Valley University, furthered our desire to engage more intentionally with hands-on academicians committed to research-based practice.

add.a.lingua is honored to formalize their collective influence on our work via regular academic advisory board meetings. During our time together, we will explore issues related to add.a.lingua  partner schools and their commitment to demonstrating the quality quadrant success indicators. add.a.lingua, as an organization committed to lifelong learning, looks forward to new insights that will further refine our instructional and curricular materials on behalf of our partner schools.

These prolific scholars, whom we also consider mentors and friends, offered a special word of welcome to add.a.lingua’s leadership institute 2016 as well:

Our board president, Diane J. Tedick, Ph.D. serves as an Associate Professor in Second Languages and Cultures Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Minnesota, as well as the coordinator for the Content-Based Language Teaching through Technology (CoBaLTT) Project and the faculty TedickD2015coordinator for Immersion Projects housed at CARLA. 

She is the author or co-author of numerous books and studies in the field of dual language immersion education, and continues to impact immersion educators and administrators from around the world through her post-graduate dual language and immersion education certificate courses at the University of Minnesota.

Administrators and point people from add.a.lingua partner schools were fortunate to have Dr. Tedick join add.a.lingua for leadership institute 2015 last spring as a featured presenter.

“I am honored to have been invited to serve on add.a.lingua’s Academic Advisory Board. The people at add.a.lingua share a passion for developing resources and professional development opportunities to ensure that immersion and dual language education programs are of the highest quality. I’m especially impressed by their commitment to grounding all that they do in the immersion and dual language research base, and I’m delighted to be a member of their inaugural Academic Advisory Board.” – Diane J. Tedick

Tara Fortune, Ph.D. is an immersion teaching specialist and immersion program director at the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Fortune visited add.a.lingua and our founding partner school in January, and fielded questions from add.a.lingua partner school instructors and administrators.

TaraAn accomplished author and researcher, Dr. Fortune’s current research interests include immersion students’ oral language proficiency development and the struggling immersion learner. Her work, Struggling Learners and Language Immersion Education: Research-Based, Practitioner-Informed Responses to Educators’ Top Questions, remains a go-to resource for add.a.lingua as we work to communicate that ALL students can succeed in dual language immersion education.

“I am delighted to join the add.a.lingua Academic Advisory Board. Last January I had the opportunity to work with the add.a.lingua staff and witness firsthand the passionate commitment and inspiring results of their efforts to support excellence in program design and implementation. I look forward to serving the add.a.lingua team as a researcher and immersion teaching specialist.” – Dr. Tara Fortune

Mandy Menke Ph.D., serves as professor in the Spanish & Portuguese Studies dMandyepartment at the University of Minnesota. A contributor along with Dr. Fortune to Struggling Learners and Language Immersion Education: Research-Based, Practitioner-Informed Responses to Educators’ Top Questions, Dr. Menke has helped organize CARLA’s summer institutes.

Dr. Menke is also a recipient of the Pew Teaching Excellence Award with specialties including:

  • Spanish second language acquisition
  • second language phonology
  • language immersion education
  • second language teaching

“Language immersion education has been a part of my life for nearly 15 years now. I’ve been a part of this very special community as a teacher, a researcher, and now a parent. Through these different roles I’ve seen the way immersion can impact students’ learning and lives when programs faithfully adhere to core immersion principles. I am looking forward to continuing to work with the dedicated immersion professionals in the add.a.lingua cohort of schools to promote student learning. Exciting work is being done in add.a.lingua schools, and I’m honored to be a part.” – Mandy Menke, Ph.D.


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