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creatively honoring the immersion culture: festival anual de las arepas

As part of our DLIparents blog series, we explored the importance of programs intentionally raising the status of the immersion language culture. When Olga Diaz, an instructor at NorthPointe Christian School, shared with us how their community celebrates the festival anual de las arepas, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with you. It’s a fantastic example of how a school community, in which Spanish immersion is a strand, comes together to celebrate and honor the immersion language culture. (We’ve included an English translation below.)


Festival anual de las Arepas, NorthPointe Christian School

Cada año, el último jueves de mayo después de las clases, el Festival de las Arepas reúne a Version 2los estudiantes, maestros y padres de la escuela NorthPointe Christian para celebrar la comida hispana tradicional.

La arepa es una masa hecha con harina de maíz precocida, agua y sal que se asa al carbón o sobre plancha. Es tradicional en Colombia y Venezuela, pero también existe en otros países con diferentes nombres.

Al igual que la tortilla mexicana, puede rellenarse o acompañarse con casi cualquier cosa, incluyendo queso, huevo, carne, tomate, aguacate, y salsas de todo tipo. Los maestros hispanos de NorthPointe preparan las arepas y otras comidas tradicionales, mientras que los padres contribuyen con salsas y diferentes opciones de comida para acompañar. Durante el evento, se presentan videos de los estudiantes cantando canciones infantiles y del folclor hispano.

Version 2

¡Qué mejor manera de celebrar la Cultura Hispana!

After school on the last Thursday of May, students, teachers, and parents gather for the Annual Arepas Festival at NorthPointe Christian to celebrate traditional hispanic cuisine.IMG_0398

The arepa is a type of dough made with cornmeal, water and salt which is then cooked. It is traditional in Colombia and Venezuela, but also exists under other names in different countries.

As is with the Mexican tortilla, the arepa can be filled or enjoyed with almost anything, including eggs, meat, tomato, avocado and sauces of many types. The Spanish-speaking teachers at NorthPointe prepare arepas and other traditional foods while the parents contribute salsa and different side dishes to accompany them. During the event, everyone enjoys videos of the students singing children’s songs from Hispanic folklore.

What a wonderful way to celebrate Hispanic Culture!

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