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your school + add.a.lingua, so happy together: 2017-18 edition

Are you working on the herculean task of launching a dual language immersion program in fall 2017? We’ve been there. Again and again.

In fact, we’ve partnered with dozens of learning communities as they work through the processes of community education, financial planning, evaluation and hiring of staff, professional development, and immersion curriculum design. It’s no small undertaking, and we tip our hats to all those engaged in this good endeavor.

add.a.lingua has helped us take student achievement and school culture to a whole new level. They absolutely keep our immersion program on track.
– Bill Van Dyk, principal

In October, we led a session at CARLA’s 6th International Conference called, build it better: 3 critical strategies for building a quality immersion program. The discussion was a distillation of the lessons we’ve learned over the years working hand in hand with communities across the nation as they’ve designed and launched quality dual language immersion programs. (You can check out free resources from that session here.)

Chris and Lilah explored three essential strategies for building a quality immersion program.

Our approach puts a priority on consistent, clear, communication linking immersion program design (and fidelity to supported program models) to the kind of outcomes students and their parents can expect. Our new partner pathway (at top) helps to visualize this process.

From approximately November to March, we help new schools through the introduction and education phases by facilitating educational meetings (online and in person) with:

  1. school boards or lead teams
  2. existing instructional staff
  3. parents and community members

In addition to these meetings, we also provide communication resources to raise awareness about the (potential) immersion program, and assist in conducting a community survey to gauge interest and program viability.

Working with add.a.lingua is an investment in professional development, but one that is paying off in student achievement.
– Dr. Brian Davis, Superintendent, Holland Public Schools

Our calendar for 2017 is filling up, BUT there’s still time to join add.a.lingua’s 2017-18 partner school cohort. So if you’re preparing to launch an immersion program in the fall of 2017, and you’d like to learn more about our services, drop us a note, and let’s get talking.


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