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introducing: the informed parent guide

family-photoWe’re an immersion family, so now what? If you’re asking that question, we’re here to help.

Our journey as an immersion family began when our eldest daughter was in preschool.

We experienced all of the doubts, the fears, and the concerns that your typical parents experience as they make this leap into a radically different form of education. Fortunately, we also had add.a.lingua by our side during this time of transition.

Because I (Kristi) work for add.a.lingua, I had the benefit of sitting shoulder to shoulder with experts as they patiently answered my questions. I now get to work with other parents just like us, who need access to that same expertise.

One key tool we’ve designed for interested parents is the Informed Parent Guide. The guide is full of resources that informed parent guide image.pnghelp address common questions and give parents a solid grasp of the goals of quality immersion education.

As Steve and I embark on the next phase of immersion parenting (English integration starts for our first born in late spring!), we look forward to digging in to resources related to the secondary continuing phase.

We encourage you to join us by subscribing to, and checking in with, the Informed Parent GuideThe resources have been crafted with parents in mind, and will be helpful to parents at any phase in their immersion journey. Enjoy, and feel free to leave feedback on how we can make this tool even better.


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Kristi Van Dyk is an immersion parent who is passionate about offering dual language immersion as an educational option to all schools and districts. The opportunity to raise bi-lingual children, despite her family’s lack of second language proficiency has expanded the dreams she and her husband have for the future of their children. It is this passion for real life change that Kristi brings to all of our new partner schools. Kristi’s educational training began at Hope College in education in the areas of English and Mathematics for elementary. Kristi pursued additional training in brain based curriculum development through the Midwest Brain and Learning Institute as well as an M.A. in educational administration from Western Michigan University. You can find Kristi connecting with new potential partners, sharing experience with new parents and assisting with training of new teachers.


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