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Holland Christian School launching add.a.lingua Spanish immersion program in fall of 2018

West Michigan will gain another quality add.a.lingua immersion program this fall as Holland Christian School opens preschool and kindergarten Spanish immersion sections at Rose Park Elementary School.

Dan Meester, HCS Superintendent

Dan Meester, HCS Superintendent

Noting that Spanish immersion dovetails with Holland Christian’s diversity priorities and 5-year School Improvement Plan, Superintendent Dan Meester shared that, “Learning and valuing the language, customs, and culture of a different group of people orients your heart in a humble posture, and immersion education accomplishes that from a very young age. [A Spanish immersion program] would place overt respect and value on a cultural group different from the one HC has historically served. We believe that even the students who wouldn’t be participating in the immersion classes would have greater exposure to people who look and speak differently, which would broaden their perspectives.”

As Holland Christian Schools work toward greater diversity in ethnicity, socioeconomics, and learning differences, incorporating an add.a.lingua Spanish immersion program is an important strategy.

add.a.lingua co-founder Stacey Vanden Bosch observed, “We’ve really come to appreciate the heart of the HCS leadership team and how Dan and the team have embraced their charge to be inclusive of the broader community and to prepare their students for a multilingual world. So often we’ve seen how a quality Spanish immersion program acts like that “little yeast”, helping the whole school system continue to rise and fulfill its mission. We’re thrilled to partner with HCS in this process.”

“Dan Meester and the HCS Board of Education have done their homework, and have put HCS in a great position. Not only will HCS enjoy the benefits of the resources and training that come along with add.a.lingua partnership, but they’re joining a deep network of add.a.lingua immersion partners in West Michigan, and will be able to lean on the experience of many mature programs and leaders,” added add.a.lingua co-founder Lilah Ambrosi. “The add.a.lingua early total one way immersion model is associated with the highest academic and linguistic outcomes for students, and Rose Park will be a great option for parents looking for a quality Spanish immersion program on Holland’s north side.”

Holland Christian will add a single section of 3-year-old Spanish immersion preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a single section of 4-year-old Spanish immersion preschool on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and a single 5-day Spanish immersion kindergarten to their current offerings at Rose Park beginning in fall 2018. They plan to continue to add a single section of consecutive grades each year, until they are fully articulated through 5th grade in 2023.

Rod Brandsen, Principal of Rose Park Elementary School

Rod Brandsen, Principal of Rose Park Elementary School

“Spanish Immersion is another effective way to prepare our students well for the kind of world in which they live and work, interacting and collaborating with many different people wherever they may be, as well as around the world,” said Rod Brandsen, principal at Rose Park. “Even more, Spanish Immersion further equips our students to carry out the Gospel mission to which we are called as Christ’s disciples, namely, to join God in cultivating shalom amidst the chaos we find in our world.”

To learn more about the add.a.lingua immersion program at Rose Park Elementary School, visit their announcement page. Holland Christian is also offering a new program grant for any child enrolling in Spanish immersion this fall. For more details, reach out to Courtney Lampen, Admissions Director, 616-820-2805 or

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