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6 questions parents should ask before enrolling their child in a dual language immersion program

Regardless of how many choices crowd your inbox or mailbox, it can be difficult to make a decision, especially if you’re considering a dual language immersion program for your child.

We’re here to give parents a leg up.

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What encourages and concerns Tara Fortune about the growth of immersion education

The growth of immersion programs is good news for U.S. students. However, as a new audit of the immersion program at Tucson Unified School District makes clear, there are significant challenges to realizing the threefold goal of quality dual language immersion education. Tara Fortune shares what encourages and concerns her about immersion program growth.

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dual language immersion education: a potential game changer for ELL students

“With dual-language immersion, you have the potential here to dramatically address the issue of equity in access to quality education, particularly in elementary education…Dual-language immersion has an enormous potential to change outcomes, particularly for students whose native language is not English.” – Dr. Robert Slater

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las preguntas que los padres de inmersión deben hacer, parte 4

Seguimos aquí con nuestra serie sobre cómo ser excelentes padres de inmersión con una sugerencia de otra pregunta que los padres de familia deberían hacer mientras evalúan si un programa de inmersión dual es apropiado para su hijo(a): ¿Cómo se aseguran los líderes de la escuela… Read More