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teacher feature: Christa Holland-Anderson

This conversation features Christa Holland-Anderson, a 6th grade Spanish immersion teacher at Holland Language Academy. add.a.lingua’s Stephanie Irizarry asks Maestra Holland-Anderson to describe some of her instructional practices, as well as strategies she uses to grow her proficiency in the Spanish language.

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What encourages and concerns Tara Fortune about the growth of immersion education

The growth of immersion programs is good news for U.S. students. However, as a new audit of the immersion program at Tucson Unified School District makes clear, there are significant challenges to realizing the threefold goal of quality dual language immersion education. Tara Fortune shares what encourages and concerns her about immersion program growth.

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las preguntas que los padres de inmersión deben hacer, parte 3

Bienvenidos de nuevo a nuestra serie sobre cómo ser excelentes padres de inmersión. Seguimos en la exploración de preguntas que los padres de inmersión deberían estar haciendo mientras consideran la educación de inmersión y evalúan programas para sus hijos. Nuestra pasión aquí en add.a.lingua es ver… Read More

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new study: two-way dual language programs best for English language learners

The findings may strike some as counterintuitive, but a new study, released jointly by Rice University and Houston ISD, found that the most effective way to help non-native speakers acquire English is to teach them in their first language. Houston ISD provides Spanish-dominant English Language… Read More