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freedom and control

Even though Mandarin immersion seemed intimidating at first, I now view it as a breath of fresh air. It is so exciting to dream of the possibilities that await these kids whose accent sounds like they’re from China, but they look like they’re from the Netherlands. I am so glad I didn’t let my fears or need for control turn me away from this incredible opportunity.

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finding your parental communication groove: tools and meaningful practices for immersion educators

A teacher’s review of apps and communication platforms has gotten us thinking about how stellar immersion teachers communicate with families. What are the things that we see teachers doing in order to uphold the goals of their immersion programs, build and maintain rapport with families, and continue to foster a unified, collaborative culture?

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Far from alone

The funny thing is, my kids don’t see Mandarin as a difficult language. We had to look up which language was the hardest for an English speaker to learn in order for my son to believe us. And even then, he still questions it. In case you’re wondering, Mandarin is the hardest language for a native English speaker to learn.