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As the school year winds down, add.a.lingua teachers gear up for professional learning

What does it mean when a teacher says that they’ve been trained by add.a.lingua?

In a teachers’ first three years in one of our partner schools, they experience roughly 20+ hours of add.a.lingua immersion specific professional learning. The crazy part? That’s not a total number. It’s literally 20+ hours per year!

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addressing the summer slide for immersion students: ideas for fostering a love of language outside of school

Many immersion parents have concerns that the summer slide means their immersion student will be linguistically behind in the fall. Not to worry! Stephanie Irizarry tackles the three most common questions related to the summer slide for immersion students, and offers helpful suggestions for building a love of language outside of school.

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the U.S. is now the second largest Spanish speaking nation, and here’s why it matters

According to the prestigious Instituto Cervantes, the U.S.A. has become the second largest Spanish-speaking nation. Our 41 million native Spanish speakers and 11.6 million bilinguals have moved the United States past Colombia and Spain, leaving us second only to Mexico. add.a.lingua’s Stephanie Irizarry reviewed the… Read More