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What encourages and concerns Tara Fortune about the growth of immersion education

The growth of immersion programs is good news for U.S. students. However, as a new audit of the immersion program at Tucson Unified School District makes clear, there are significant challenges to realizing the threefold goal of quality dual language immersion education. Tara Fortune shares what encourages and concerns her about immersion program growth.

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respected immersion researchers join add.a.lingua academic advisory board

add.a.lingua is pleased to introduce the members of our newly established academic advisory board. Although add.a.lingua has relied on immersion research since its founding, over recent years, add.a.lingua began gravitating more toward studies conducted or synthesized by Dr. Diane Tedick and Dr. Tara Fortune. Learning… Read More

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don’t abandon the learner, maximize their investment in language learning

add.a.lingua believes in helping our immersion partner schools maximize the investment their communities have made in students becoming bilingual and biliterate during the elementary years. According to the current research, most immersion students in early total dual language immersion programs will reach “intermediate” levels of… Read More

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is the U.S. playing catch up with the world on language education? 5 minutes with Dr. Tara Fortune

Is the U.S. falling behind the rest of the world in language education?

Dr. Tara Fortune shares her perspective on how the U.S. stacks up with the rest of the world on language education. Her response provides the kind of nuance often lacking in this discussion, and we think you’ll enjoy it.