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announcing the educator summit 2016 schedule

Three things we believe:
1. Professional learning centered around common experiences in dual language immersion education is incredibly valuable
2. Prioritizing and honoring the experience that classroom teachers bring to the conversation is paramount
3. Cultivating conversations more than presentations should be the aim of good facilitator teams

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add.a.lingua hearts teacher training

Last week we were honored to welcome over 160 dedicated dual language immersion instructors, administrators, policy makers, and point people for our August teacher training. add.a.lingua is committed to connecting the best in language instruction research with practical classroom application through our professional development scope and sequence for administrators and… Read More

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For Literacy’s Sake! Meet our Preferred Literacy Vendor, American Reading Company

Batman and Robin. Mac and cheese. Literacy and great books. Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Take add.a.lingua’s work with American Reading Company, for example. As readers of this blog already know, we’re language education advocates that specialize in implementing… Read More